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gray area

Mexico City
Abril 12th to 16th, 2010

grey- a-re-a: [grey air-ee-uh] an intermediate area; a topic that is not clearly one thing or the other. A grey area is a term for a border in-between two or more things that is unclearly defined, a border that is hard to define or even impossible to define, or a definition where the distinction border tends to move; something that is open to interpretation...
Wordnet Princeton Online
What is contemporary jewellery? What does it mean for different cultures? Does it really have the powerful force that helps to shape our attitudes, beliefs, values, and behaviours? How important is it to reach a consensus on its definition? Is it necessary to redefine the way contemporary jewellery is shown, perceived and consumed? Who produces contemporary jewellery? Is it able to reflect a culturally diverse society? How are our notions of space and identity being challenged by globalization? Is the international jewellery scene so international after all? What is being done on both sides of the ocean? What do we know about each other? What can we learn about each other? Can we make it more accessible to a broader audience? Is it possible to share each other’s markets? How can we set the basis for a refreshing and enriching dialogue between jewellery makers from both continents?

With all these on mind, the Otro Diseño, Foundation for Cultural Exchange and Development, and Design Flux join efforts with an array of international organizations and companies bring together artists, designers, jewellery makers, academics, researchers and promoters from Latin America and Europe on a stage that stimulates friendly, creative, and engaging discussions, able to create an interdisciplinary frame of reference for contemporary jewellery and its practices within a truly multinational discourse.

Gray Area proposes a series of encounters that promote intercultural dialogue within the field of contemporary jewellery and, on its first edition, this dialogue is focused in two continents: Latin America and Europe.

From April 12th to 16th 2010, the symposium Gray Area will take place in Mexico City’s Historic Center. The symposium will be complemented by a series of parallel exhibitions and events.

Participants from all over the world are welcomed to attend. We invite you to explore this website to learn more about this exciting event and register to attend the symposium.

We are looking forward to see you all in Mexico City!